Our Roadmap of Caffeine Spaces

Caffeine SpacesSomewhere along the way in life we often hit bumps along the road. Our path varies from one place to another. Without a final destination we can appear lost. Choosing a path and tracking its curves along the way can give you some feeling of easement. Achieving some form of comfort can also accelerate your growth as well. I am creating this page to help show some of the daily activities that go on within the life of a startup coworking space.

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Company Information:

  • Corporate Filing
    Originally our pilot location at the Research Park at FAU was filed as a Florida C-corp. This corporation has been closed. With the development of our next location we are going over the terms and have considered the option to change to a B-corporation. We are selecting a new board to help manage the tasks of taking the new corporation in an entirely new direction.

  • Associations and Clubs
    • Mark Laymon is a current member of Florida Infotech
    • New Tech Community
  • Management and Staff
    • Founder – Mark Laymon – Mark will oversee day to day management of Caffeine Spaces.
    • Coworking manager – our coworking manager is the den mother of sorts. The coworking manager is the first point of contact for the members as they join and will attend to their needs.
    • Coffeehouse manager –
    • Event planner –
    • Barista –
    • Brewmaster –
    • Cook –
    • Marketing and Sales –
    • Cleaning crew –
  • Board of Advisers
    Our Board of Advisers is a non paid board. They are all experts in their fields of study and will greatly impact our direction. If you are interested in joining a great team that is making a difference in the South Florida ecosystem, go to our Board of Advisers page for more in-depth information. All board members are active members of Caffeine Spaces.
  • Board of Directors
    Our Board of Directors… coming soon.
  • Committees
    Dividing up our teams into actionable size will accelerate our growth potential. We hold meetings with all of our members once per month and each of our committees hold smaller group meetings once a month. (still in development)
  • Volunteers/Interns
    Hands on experience has always been the direction I have chosen when it comes to education. Here at Caffeine Spaces I want it to be the same. With the launch of our locations there will be limitless opportunities to gain hands on experience.

Location Information:

  • Address
  • Building
  • Floor plan

Funding Information:

  • Gust
  • Angel List

Sponsors That Make Things Happen:

  • Website Sponsors –

Website Information:

  • Domain Registration
    http://CaffeineSpaces.com – Caffeine Spaces main company website.
    http://Caffeine.me – that is Mark Laymon on LinkedIn. Soon to have a major overhaul, if you are reading this… yep that is a clue for one of the directions that we are heading in!
    http://CoworkingFlorida.com – directory of coworking spaces in Florida. Developing this site to be a collaborative company for all Florida Coworking office spaces. It is membership driven and will be focused around a visa membership program.
    http://FloridaStartupFund.com – Florida based startup fund for startups
    http://aStartupFund.com – Coming soon.
    http://FundingForStartup.com – Coming soon.
    http://MakeYourMoneyOnline.com – One of our first hands on projects for members to follow along to make money online.
    http://bocaratonflorida.coDirectory of Boca Raton, Florida companies
    http://boyntonbeachflorida.co – Directory of Boynton Beach, Florida companies
    http://coralspringsflorida.co – Directory of Coral Springs, Florida companies
    http://delraybeachflorida.coDirectory of Delray Beach, Florida companies
    http://midtownmiamiflorida.co – Directory of Midtown Miami, Florida companies
    http://midtownmiamiflorida.com –
    http://coworkingofficespace.comDirectory of Coworking Office Space and related businesses.
  • Website Hosting
    HostGator – I have chosen HostGator as our preferred web hosting company for Caffeine Spaces. They have been one of three hosting companies that I trust my sites on. I have written more about choosing web hosting services on the Make Your Money Online site.
  • CMS Platform – Content Management System, the platform we create CaffeineSpaces.com on.
    WordPress – When it comes to managing a community website I have two very strong feelings. One is simplicity, the other is scalability. Both Drupal and WordPress have strong merits, yet I chose WordPress for the simplicity that the majority of our members can navigate the site with little coaching. This will become more apparent as we roll-out the features that BuddyPress offers in the Coworking Community area.
  • Themes and Plugins
    Slowave Theme for WordPress includes Live Composer and Revolution Slider. It has a simple easy to use interface and as a non graphic designer I was able to build upon it quickly so I could focus on the content.
    WP Job Manager I have found WP Job Manager easy to setup and both the admin and user experience has been good. Soon to add the Core Add-on bundle for more functionality. So far I really like this plugin. If you are looking to place a job, please contact me to create a profile for you to do the editing directly from the site.
    BuddyPress has been a plugin that I have avoided for many years now. I even when as far as completely switching many of my sites from WordPress to Drupal over the experience I once had with BuddyPress. But the team has kept going and has really come a long way since I first used it. Now to find a way to kill the spam accounts so I can open the Coworking Community site to our members. The theme I choose to build the site around was not intended to be used BuddyPress, but I am working on a way around this.
    bbPress I have uploaded/installed bbPress on Caffeine Spaces but I feel the days are limited for it. Instantly having spam issues and I have only created one board. May make the switch to Vanilla Forums. Made the switch to Vanilla for the Make Your Money Online “members only” area and I like. I am self hosting both forum platforms.
    UPDATE: Made the switch to Vanilla Forums and starting to populate a community forum.
    Janrain Engage has been amazing on some of the membership sites. Still having spam issues here. Will keep tweaking it.
    Time.ly has been the best calendar system I have found so far to share local events with our members. We may need to upgrade to the paid version. The calendar became more important than I thought it would be.

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Social Communication Tools:

Job Board and Project Development Services

  • I have created a Jobs Board for our members to submit tech related jobs based out of our South Florida region.

Mentorship and Coaching Programs

  • Peter Marcus is leading up the Coaching part of our incubation program.

Caffeine Spaces Incubation Workshop Series

 Monetizing the Caffeine Spaces website

  • I have added Adsense to the coworking blog and website.
  • Researching affiliate programs that fit our members needs.
  • Researching methods to monetize the jobs board with more hands on job placement services.
  • Included the coworking blog and website sponsorship opportunity using Square as our gateway.

Automation of our MailChimp based newsletter subscription service

  • Developing the lists to keep our members up to date on the daily activities at Caffeine Spaces
  • Writing a followup auto-responder series for new members to learn more about Coworking, the Coffeehouse, and our Event Space.

Events and Event Management

  • Events are the heart of the tech industry in South Florida.
  • Without events our community sits at at standstill.
  • I am designating a large portion of my time and effort to developing an effective event location and gathering an events management team together.

Virtual Office Space Package

  • Develop then launch an alpha version Virtual Office Space package.
  • Segment the needs and refine what is the most in demand for our members.

Member Benefits Package

  • Hosting –
  • Legal –
  • Health –
  • Lodging –
  • Food –
  • etc –

More to come…

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Caffeine Spaces, coworking, coffeehouse, and eventspace

Caffeine Spaces, coworking, coffeehouse, and event space

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