Help the community grow

How can you help Caffeine Spaces build a tech community in Boca Raton, Florida?

If you are reading this you are digging a little deeper into what is happening over at Caffeine Spaces. We have found a new location within Boca Raton and are negotiating with a new property owner to open our next space.

While we are in negotiations for this space, I am working ahead to build out what we need to develop this coworking location. One of the key components to this space is the addition of a full coffeehouse. This new coffeehouse adds not only another source for monitization, it is also a great tool to attract new members to see the space.

What we do need help with will be funding and build out of the new space. Having a started the funding progress the first steps to getting into our new space is the selection of a high speed internet connection. Wifi is our greatest selling point and being able to have the best available is our top priority right now. To do this we need to show a solid base of membership to a select investment group.

Caffeine Spaces: Coworking, Coffeehouse, and Event Space Pre-Launch Checklist:



  • update all maps with new address
  • upload photos of all past events into the gallery
  • update calendar for timeline of events
    • Import local tech feeds
  • collect testimonials and post to site

Press Announcement

  • announce new website
  • announce board of advisers
  • announce capital raise on
  • announce new location

Furniture and Supplies needed for Coworking and Event Space:

Desks, Tables, and Chairs
Sofas, End Tables, Book Shelves
Printers, Paper, Ink
Books, Magazines,

Router and Switches:

Furniture and Supplies needed for Coffeehouse:

Tables, Chairs, Bar-stools 

Great place to go to for focus, inspiration, like-mindedness, NON like-mindedness, fun, networking, community-building, etc depending on when you go. ALL are good, and ALL are at Caffeine Spaces. It is the homebrew of Boca Raton! If you get the reference, you definitely need to stop in.Jared Kleinert