Sponsorship of Caffeine Spaces

We see sponsorship of Caffeine Spaces as an investment in the local entrepreneurial ecosystem. Caffeine Spaces offers our sponsors an opportunity to use social integration marketing to reach industry specific individuals that are making things happen.

How does Caffeine Spaces work?
Caffeine Spaces provides access to coworking tables, meeting rooms, conference rooms, wifi, and an ever expanding community of tech entrepreneurs. We have created a very inviting atmosphere for our members with all of the amenities of a work space and still feel at home.

Building upon what we have already created is where you now come in. We need your help to expand the growth of Caffeine Spaces and keep the momentum going. We are seeking both inkind and monetary sponsorships.

Become a member and hang your paint brush on the wall!
We have multiple levels of memberships with specific perks for each. Stop in and choose your level of participation. Want to show your ultimate support as a member. We are offering a lifetime membership and will hang a roller brush on the membership wall for a $5000 contribution.

Ecosystem Supporter
Recently we have offered an ecosystem supporter sponsorship level. This is for those that would like to support the local ecosystem at Caffeine Spaces without any of the publicity involved and generally only interested in attending events at Caffeine Spaces. You can choose your support level starting with as little as $20. You can start now using our store front on Square!

Yearly Location Sponsorship Levels at Caffeine Spaces

  • Sponsor Conference Room A – $3500 per year – Your 2×6 banner on the wall above the whiteboard.  – Use Square to order now
  • Sponsor Conference Room B – $3500 per year – Your 2×6 banner on the wall above the whiteboard.  – Use Square to order now
  • Sponsor the Campfire Room – $6000 per year – Your logo on two white boards and a 3×10 banner on the wall. This room is a featured space for brainstorming and company creation. It is one of the most active rooms in the coworking space.  – Use Square to order now
  • Sponsor the Makerspace – information on this room coming soon.
  • Sponsor the Audio / Video Room – information on this room coming soon. If you have suggestions on how you may take a more active roll in sponsoring this room we are open to suggestions.

You can start now using our store front on Square!

Specific Item Sponsorship Levels in our main coworking room.

  • Sponsor a Coworking Table – $1500 – sponsoring one of 4 coworking tables in our main coworking area. Placing a plaque on the end with your company name and contact information.
  • Sponsor a Coworking Chair – $300 – Place a logo sticker on the back of one of our coworking chairs in the main coworking room. – 20 available.
  • Sponsor a TV/Monitor – $1000 – 2 available.
  • Sponsor a Projector – $300 – Place a logo sticker on the top of the projector.

You can start now using our store front on Square!

Main Room Banner Sponsorship Levels

  • Hang your 2×5 banner inside our coworking space above one of 4 windows – $3000 per year
  • Hang your 3×10 banner on one of our end walls and be the focal point of the room. $7500 per year

T-Shirt Sponsor – Our startup sponsor opportunity for you to be seen on both the t-shirts and a text link on our t-shirt sponsor page. We are printing t-shirts to be giving away at local events across South Florida and to each of our Caffeine members. For $200 your logo will be displayed on the back of our Caffeine Spaces t-shirts with a limit of 50 sponsors.

Games! If you would like to donate games to the cause, we would greatly appreciate it.

What are the benefits to the community?
We a suffering a brain drain of tech startups and entrepreneurs in South Florida. By creating a network of coworking spaces I hope to have an impact in keeping more of the talent locally. Your support is key to this project. Without the local support and participation more of our local talent will be forced to migrate to other competing locations to ply their trades.