Revelations of a Community Building Catalyst

November 2, 2014 Caffeine Spaces, Community, Members

The Revelations I have recently had as a Community Building Catalyst

The Revelations I have recently had as a Community Building CatalystWhile attending The 2014 Global Public Relations Summit at The St. Regis Bal Harbour Resort I sat in on the presentation “Is the Game Worth the Torch?” and it changed my perspective on how to build a community. What I learned from one simple sentence is that my entire method of building a community is WRONG! Yep, everything I have been doing is completely wrong. For years I have attended and hosted events and my focus has been all wrong. I am also going to get some serious I told you so’s by a few of you reading this.

When creating a strong community the catalyst needs to not only focus on the stars that makeup the core of the group. The catalyst must change the focus from the stars to the surrounding fans that makeup the majority of the community. These are the mass that will drive the community to either grow or to wither and die. Over the past ten years I have hosted hundreds of events and I realized that even thou I was observant of the numbers in attendance. I tracked them, recorded what drew them in, and still missed the entire point of why I was hosting the events in the first place. I did not fully engage the attendees to the degree that I now see I should have. Yes, I met with and shared the experience, yet I did not make the attendees the real stars of the show.

Every now and then a bottle or two of wine and other prizes were passed out, but I did not see the real value of prizes and such things that I thought were just hype in the wrong direction. Maybe I was wrong. Ok I was way wrong.

Hold on to your thoughts as I think I have a solution,
Mark Laymon