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About Caffeine Spaces

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Imagine a clubhouse for the entrepreneurial industry to meet, share ideas, and develop business relationships with like minded people. Imagine a place to work for yourself, but not by yourself, and still have all the amenities a large company. Then imagine having all of these contacts and amenities of a broader network to refer to at any time. This opportunity could boost your productivity many times over. End your isolation; you can get started in our coworking space today and stop working from a secluded environment!

Created By: Mark Laymon, Mark is a founder of one of Palm Beach Counties leading technology communities. New Tech Community is a professional business networking group for tech enthusiasts. They host meetings once per month to share information by way of presentations and panel discussions. New Tech Community has over 500 active members that attend monthly meetings. http://fb.com/groups/newtechcommunity

Mission: Caffeine Spaces is developing a community driven office space to help like minded individuals that want to work in a group environment, achieve economies of scale without being a big company and enjoy being open and part of the community that value collaboration, openness, community, accessibility and sustainability.

Business Description: Old style corporate work environments are the opposite of what micro business owners need. Many independent workers leave the nine to five grind for the comfort of home. But find they miss having other people around. Caffeine Spaces strives to provide a balanced atmosphere that is casual yet professional. Our space is a collaboration environment suitable for getting work done, socializing, and impressing a client.

Products/Services: Paying customers will choose from several pricing levels, including full-time use, part time, or daily. Other services will be priced individually. Potential customers wishing to drop in and try out Caffeine Spaces can stop on in, grab couch space, and use free WiFi.
In addition to utilizing a seat and or desk there will be coffee and prepared snacks. These items will be available for sale to everyone and offered as perks to full-time and part-time customers. The goal is to provide convenient access to refreshments so people can get their work done with little interruption.

Markets: Caffeine Spaces will target the work from home and small business entrepreneurs. This market has a window between the home business office and the executive office space. We will target this market by offering the business amenities of scale at a much lower price point.
Distribution Channels: Caffeine Spaces will reach out to the technology and entrepreneurs in Florida. The company already has a strong social graph reaching across many industries.
Competition: The current direct and indirect competitions of Caffeine Spaces are the virtual office and executive office suite markets. We separate from the virtual office by offering a community based atmosphere. Caffeine Spaces separates itself from the executive office by offering a substantial price reduction and the ability to work with the amenities but without the need of yearly contracts.