Coworking + Coffeehouse! It’s about time to get Caffeine Spaces back on the Map!

A New Coworking Space, Coffeehouse, Social Business Networking, Makerspace, Event Space for Meetups, Startup Business Incubation, and Access to Funding all in one place!

Yes it’s time to launch Caffeine Spaces! This time we have so much more than just the simple pilot location that so many of you have grown to love. This time around we have much, much more on our plate! Our new location will blow you way. I have been working day and night to bring you something we can all be proud to be apart of.

Caffeine Spaces is introducing a multifunctional venue that is going to cover startups and entrepreneurs looking for both the coworking environment plus a proworking office space. In addition to proworking, the new coffeehouse in Boca Raton will introduce many new people to our event space! Hosting meetups and workshops will be simplified with an event management team.

Coworking Space with a Coffeehouse, Event Space, and a Startup Incubator in Boca Raton.

Pre-Launch Coworking Membership Special

Become a full time coworking member of Caffeine Spaces before we open our new space.
Lock in your membership now with all of the normal amenities of the full time membership for only $99 down!

Pre Launch Full Time Membership to Caffeine Spaces

$ 99

  • Enroll today with a $99 deposit.
  • We will lock in your future full time membership to Caffeine Spaces at $99 per month.
  • You then choose when you would like to activate your membership.
  • Reserve your spot today for $99 deposit and we will hold your membership.

Caffeine Spaces Blog

We are building an executive team! Coworking with shared desks are our main focus, with the coffeehouse and event space as cottage industry income. Paying customers will choose from several pricing levels, including full-time use, part time, or daily. (think gym membership) Other services will be priced individually. Potential customers wishing to drop in and try out Caffeine Spaces can visit our coffeehouse; use free WiFi, drink our specialty coffees, healthy teas, and sample some of the amazing local craft beers.

Join the Executive Team at Caffeine Spaces

Social Business Networking

Networking with your peers is a great way to learn

Coworking Space

Coworking space for you to launch your company

Startup Business Incubation

Launch your startup business with a mentorship team that holds you accountable for your actions.

Access to Funding

We offer access to the local investment circle. Alternative funding methods can make or break your startup. Learn from experts on how to fund your startup.

Important People at Caffeine Spaces

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